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Transportation and forwarding services of any complexity


Forwarding of cargoes – is a simple solution to all tasks connected with transportation.

 Depending on the project expedition services may include either part or the whole scope of the following work:

Transportation planning: 

      • Complex evaluation of the cargo: weight and overall dimensions, technical characteristics for loading and rigging operations, mounting and fixing cargoes on transportation vehicles and other works.
      • We work out different routes and methods of transportation, loading, unloading, transshipment of cargoes.
      • Evaluation and expert examination of the worked out routes of transportation, loading, unloading and transshipment of cargoes.
      • We help chose the most appropriate option (two options) of transportation of cargoes in terms of total cost of services and terms of delivery
      • If necessary, we organise the work of subcontractors and state bodies to provide such transportation services as:

          • Expedition of articulated trucks by traffic police
          • Change of schedule of circulation of trains when the railroad junction are crossed by articulated trucks.
          • Cutting of the electricity in high voltage power lines, dismantling of the high voltage power lines for the period of transportation of cargo by articulated trucks.
          • Putting the power lines higher in cities where the articulated trucks are moving.
          • Enforcing bridge structures for the transportation of overweight articulated trucks
          • The range of other services which might be necessary to organise transportation

Providing any services to deliver the cargo:
      • Legalization of documents for transportation
      • Loading and rigging operations, mounting and fixing cargoes on transportation vehicles: trawls, articulated trucks, barges, railroad carriages and other using special equipment such as cranes and other
      • Vessel and other means of transport freight, and if necessary organization of transportation itself.
      • Organisation of work of subcontractors and state bodies to provide auxiliary services (see transportation planning)
      • Customs clearance of cargoes of international transportation

      • Cargo insurance and transportation if necessary. Our liability is secured.

Documents and information support:
      • Competent and timely legalization of all the legal, organizational and accounting documents with the client and contractors
      • Keeping the client informed about the services provided.

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